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About the Drakesteyn Castle

The marriage ceremony of Princess Beatrix and the German diplomat Claus von Amsberg was conducted by the Mayor of Amsterdam, Gijsbert van Hall, on 10 March 1966.

The civil marriage was blessed at a service in the Westerkerk conducted by Rev. H.J. Kater, with a sermon by Rev. J.H. Sillevis Smitt. On the same day, Claus von Amsberg received the title of Prince of the Netherlands and the designation Jonkheer van Amsberg.

On 28 June 1965, Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard announced the engagement in radio and television broadcasts. A royal wedding cannot take place without the permission of parliament. In autumn 1965, the two houses of parliament passed a bill consenting to their marriage. Claus von Amsberg immediately became a Dutch citizen.

The royal couple took up residence in Drakensteyn Castle in Lage Vuursche, where the Princess had lived since 1963.



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