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Stadhuis Gouda


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Stadhuis Gouda (Gouda City Hall)

The main activity in Gouda revolves around the "Markt" (Market Square), which for Dutch standards is very spacious.

In the middle of the markt stands the "Stadhuis" (town hall) built in 1450 in a Gothic style that is very reminiscent of the flamboyant Gothic style of the Flemish town halls (ex : Leuven, Mechelen, Kortrijk).

The Gouda town hall has numerous statues of Burgundian Dukes and Duchesses and lofty step gables sprouting pinnacles.

Every hour you can listen to the city hall's chimes and watch the puppetshow depicting the moment that city rights were given to Gouda back in 1272 by Floris V.



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