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"carlopeto" and Fernando in December 2004



Fernando Saettone was born in Peru, South America. He resides in Peru's capital city, Lima.

I have had the privilege to visit Fernando's house more than once, and I can assure you, it is undoubtedly

the most beautiful house any collector of miniature bottles could ever have. The entire house has been

designed to accommodate several show cases full of miniature bottles. Glass, wood, ceramic, brick and

cement all contribute to the overall impression in perfect harmony. The secret behind it?

Fernando is an architect by profession, and an artist at heart.


The glass cases keep the bottle collection protected and free of dust. For collections this large it is a good idea to have a cleaning service come a few times a year to clean the shelves and glass to keep the showcases shining.


above: click on each panel to see part of Fernando's beautiful house and bottle displays!



Below you can read about Fernando's collection, from his own words:




How long have you been collecting miniature liqueur bottles?

Fernando: Around 25 years !!



Congratulations on your Silver Anniversary! Where and how did you start?

Fernando: Probably like most collectors. I remember that during a trip to Europe, I saw some very nice

miniature liqueur bottles with fruits inside. They looked nice, so I bought them in order to decorate my house,

due to their bright colors and originality.


On my next trip, I found and bought a few ceramic minis in Spain: the "hanging houses" of Cuenca (Resoli).

That's how it all started. I bought another 20 or 30 on my next trip, and what started as a curiosity became

a hobby, then a passion, and now it is an integral part of my life.



above: the "hanging houses" of Cuenca



How many bottles more or less do you think you have?

Fernando: Modestly (or should I say "proudly"), about 10,000



Do you specialize in any specific kind?

Fernando: I collect them by contents, namely the type of liqueur they contain. My favorites are, in order:


1) Cognac and Whiskey

2) Pisco (ceramic)

3) Rum

4) Tequila

5) Architectural motives (ceramic)




click above: Fernando's impressive display of whisky bottles                                His collection of cognac and brandy                   



You mentioned Pisco among your favorites. Pisco is a traditional high-quality brandy from Peru made of

grapes. I know you have been involved with the Pisco production in some way. Could you please tell

us more about the Pisco minibottles?

Fernando:   Well, indeed, like the proud Peruvian I am, I have been very actively promoting the Peruvian

Pisco by talking to the local distillers and helping them with the design of typical Peruvian motives.

Peruvian Pisco comes in straight glass as well as in beautiful figural ceramic containers depicting

aspects of Peru's ancient civilizations, typical fauna and flora, architecture, etc.


If anybody is interested in acquiring the outstanding Pisco mini bottles, please contact me at to exchange, buy or sell.




click above: a few of the hundreds of colorful Pisco decanters from Peru



Which are your favorite bottles?

Fernando:   The French porcelain minis made by Limoges



Where do you find most of your bottles?

Fernando: Three sources, which I'll mention in their specific order:

1) Traveling

2) Exchanging with fellow collectors over the internet

3) eBay (very little use)


Additionally, lately I have been trading on eBay, where I sell under the handle "fernando50".




What is limiting your ability to grow your collection even further?

Fernando:  The fact that I live in Peru, South America. Finding mini bottles there is already difficult,

but you have add to that the high shipping costs to such a remote location.


What makes you feel proud?

Fernando:  1) My website, which I built myself without any previous technical knowledge

2) My collection, which I have built over the years despite the obstacle of the long distances 

3) Having established the first show of minibottle collectors in Latin America




I know Fernando for 4 years now, and we enjoy a true friendship. He has also come to Chicago

to visit with me. One unknown aspect of Fernando's is his effort for establishing a network of

miniature liquor bottle collectors.


Fernando is the founder of the Miniature Bottle Collectors Club of Peru.


He founded and hosted the first Minibottle Collectors Show of Latin America, in Lima Peru.

The second and the third show also took place in Lima, which has become the established venue

for the show. People from the US, Latin America and Europe have attended the show, which

offers fantastic opportunity to get rare minibottles, plus the tremendous excitement of getting

to know a truly exotic country with an amazing cultural and historical background: PERU.





click on each panel above to see a few aspects of the miniature bottle show in Lima Peru



To see Fernando's stunning house and collection, visit his website at




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