Certosa - History


The Certosa of Firenze

The Certosa (or Carthusian Monastery) of Florence is easily reached with a 37 bus from Piazza S. Maria Novella. The visit to the monastery, of great architectural interest, is conducted by the monks, who also sell their famous liqueurs in their little shop outside. Marvellous views of the surrounding hills can be seen from this monumental complex.






La Certosa, the fortified monastery the Carthusians built overlooking the town of Galluzzo, about 5 Km from Florence, is extraordinary both architecturally and artistically. Its construction began in 1341 at the behest of Niccola Acciaiuoli (a politician Andrea del Castagno included in his Portraits of Illustrious Florentines), grew and prospered following his death, and was suppressed during the Napoleonic occupation, during which the monastery was sacked and more than 500 artworks disappeared (only some have been recovered). The monastery has hosted the Cistercians since 1958.

Still today, the cistercense monks produce high quality liqueur. Luckily for us collectors, they used to put them in colorful ceramic bottles.






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